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A Business-Man.

Dr. Akin Answered the popular question: why go into entertainment industry?
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Meet Dr. Akin Kolade


Dr. Akindele Kolade, MD is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both Child, Adolescent, and Adult psychiatry and Board Certified in Addiction Medicine by the American society of Addiction Medicine.

Popularly refers to as Dr K. he is a seasoned Psychiatrist with 25+ years of experience in medicine Results-driven and service-focused professional whose entrepreneurial drive coupled with vast academic credentials has resulted in numerous successes as a Medical Director and Consulting Psychiatrist for large-scale hospitals. Well versed working with clients from diverse ethnic and demographic backgrounds specializing in the treatment of child, adult, adolescent patients as well as patients with addiction.
Dr. Kolade is in private practice specializing in psychiatric and addiction management services for all age groups in Las Vegas. Additionally, Dr. Kolade is the President/CEO of Cal Psychiatric Services, which provides consultations, evaluations, telepsychiatry, and direct medical care in several hospitals in Las Vegas.

Outside of Medicine Dr K. is a venture capitalist, a start-up investor with interest in few technology companies, a well-respected business man and a philanthropist, he is the founder and CEO of ProAscella Productions and Films. He is a Movie Producer, an Actor with his debut upcoming movie “Loving Daniella “coming soon to theaters. Other mini TV Series as well as Live reality shows are currently in production.

ProAscella productions has Partnered with Nabtry Entertainment to promote and enhance the raw talents and beauty of Africa and African talents in the entertainment industry in the Diaspora showcasing it as a rising Beacon with its multi ethnic diversity and cultural fountain for which flows all talents. As an Entrepreneur, he has sponsored and mentors many upcoming talents in music and movie business. Many entertainment ventures, including sponsoring several arts.

When poised with the question, why venture into the world of entertainment, Dr K said in his own words “at some point in life we all have to get to a place where we have a mission that is greater than us. My Mission, he continued, is to use all the necessary tools available to reduce the stigma associated with mental health in Africa. He concluded, there is no better way to reach the masses in this digital age than media. This is why I am committed to doing all I can to accomplish my mission.

This is My Mission:

To leverage my knowledge and resources as a doctor, a businessman, and as a movie producer to help provide support for mental health patients all over the world and to help reduce the mental health stigma in Africa. Serving humanity and making a difference!